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Going out on Boxing Day sales can be a quite a hectic journey. From large crowds to shops relentlessly competing to surpass each other, feelings of turmoil and exhaustion are very common for those who go out shopping on December 26th. In this article, we will provide you with 4 tips for a fulfilling and serene Boxing Day experience.

1.  Opt for online shopping

Of course, there will be goods which will only be sold in store, although with the rising demand of online shopping, many websites keep a good pace with their physical equivalents. One of the biggest advantages of online shopping is the fact that it is always open and you can rapidly pick all of your desired item already in discount and save a huge amount of time. Not to mention the most important aspect this is dodging all the stress of jam-packed shopping halls, traffic and parking lots. Why not shopping comfortably in your pajamas at home?


2.   Recheck your list

Don’t go out thinking you'll be OK without a list and won’t exceed your budget; we can guarantee you disappointment if that’s what you want. How many times have you bought something you never really planned to because suddenly it was 'needed'? Our recommendation is to plan ahead and set priority for your most desired items. Like that, you won't skip over the articles you really want and you can watch out for the amount you've spent before choosing whether to continue shopping or call it quits.


3.   Organize your transport appropriately

It may appear to be a smart decision to abandon your vehicle at home and avoid the desperate reality of finding a place to park your car especially during the holidays. Nevertheless, there's nothing more awful than sailing thru an overloaded metro or bus while holding your shopping bags! In the event that you plan bulk purchasing, prepare to go around the parking lot. It'll be justified when you understand that you can go back and forth to your vehicle as much as you require rather than working out those arm muscles.


4.   Beware of fake discount traps

It can be dreadfully easy to top up your credit card when you're telling yourself that all of your purchases were great deals. Come on, let’s be reasonable here. If a product goes on sale and you've been wanting to get it for some time now, this is the time to get it. On the other hand, if you would not normally purchase the item at full price, odds are that you don't truly need it and you're simply being hypnotized by the reduced price label. Such phenomena were studied by many universities across the world and are known to be a psychological influencer that many merchants use to their advantage. Therefore, be a smart shopper not a fast one!

As a summary, no matter which mall or shopping center you go to, the hassle of long line checkouts, filled fitting rooms and maniac parking lots are inevitable unless you decide to shop online! Know the true value of the item you are buying on boxing day beforehand so no one can fool you and have a happy new year!