We are happy to announce that Fast Credit is now back to normal working hours. 

Why choose Fast Credit UK?

Why choose Fast Credit UK?

Okay, so you’ve gathered some of your second hand jewellery and searching online for an instant cash loan provider with low interest rate you can trust your items with. What factors will shape your decision process to guarantee you of making the right choice?
The right pawnbroker is one who will make you feel comfortable while evaluating your item. Nevertheless, a good pawnshop is one that will guarantee the safekeeping of your goods and give you the most money in exchange all while you save a few more pounds on interest.
In this article, we will go over all of our services offered and highlight advantages of each one in order to make things clearer for you.


Pawnbroking Loans

Our expert assessors will evaluate your jewellery, watches and gold almost by self-esteem. For anything worth £1000 or less, we offer an interest rate of 4.99% with a 68.8% APR. One of the most unique advantages we hold hands over our competitors is our daily interest plan. This is perfect for short term loans as it will charge the borrower interest only on the number of days needed. Any other pawnshop in the UK charges a full month of interest, even if you plan to pay back within a few days for instance. Our service accessibility and store hours are very convenient as we are open every day from 8AM to 10PM.


Currency Exchange

Fast Credit UK is also a currency exchange bureau. Comparing rates is a smart habit when you are exchanging your money against a foreign currency and vice versa. In order for us to remain competitive in the market, we always offer the best possible rates. You can convert from or to 43 different bank notes and the most amazing detail is we keep 0% commission on your transactions, giving you a chance to get the most for your money. 

Jewellery Retail & Repair

Humbly displayed in front of our store’s glass window, a large selection of retail jewellery is made available to you. Items vary from rings, pendants, chains, bracelets and watches just to name a few. The condition of our items brand-new, however, we also have used ones which are usually shelved goods coming from unpaid pawn loans. A full professional jewellery repair and restoration service are offered on the spot for your damaged goods.
Our mission is to ease your accessibility in obtaining a quick cash loan and make you save on interest rates so you can get the most in exchange for your goods. Come pay us a visit if you are in the Greater London area or if you have any questions concerning the Fast Credit services, request a call back.